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A twice daily newsletter for the active option trader

The Daily Strategist is McMillan Analysis Corp.'s premium newsletter service geared towards active traders. Delivered via email twice per day (once at the market open, and a second before the close), The Daily Strategist provides timely insight on the stock and derivative markets along with trading recommendations complete with up-to-the-minute position analysis and updates. Subscription to this premium service also includes the semi-monthly
Option Strategist Newsletter and its weekly Hotline updates.

A Daily Strategist subscription includes:

  • Market Commentary and Analysis
    Two market comments per day including the latest analysis on the major market indices using a range of proprietary technical indicators and macro-economic themes. Speculative index call or put buy recommendations are issued based on this analysis.
  • Specific Trading Recommendations
    Including follow-up action, trading stops and position analysis. Strategies include option buying, ratio spreads, calendar spreads, bull & bear spreads, condors, straddles, covered call writing, naked put selling, volatility trading, and much more.
  • Momentum & Put-Call Ratio Signals
    A daily scan of momentum and put-call ratio signals including specific option trading recommendations on stocks, indices and commodities.
  • Volatility Skew Analysis
    A daily evaluation of stocks with implied volatility skews complete with appropriate trading recommendations.
  • Straddle and Strangle Analysis
    A daily list of our most attractive straddle and strangle buy candidates using a wide variety of proprietary systems including our earnings-driven straddle recommendations.
  • Naked Put Sale Recommendations
    A daily scan of naked put sale candidates using our expected return analysis.
  • Interim Updates
    Email updates throughout the trading day containing instructions regarding establishing new and adjusting open positions.
  • Charts, Graphs, & Tables
    Pertinent charts and graphs illustrating important positions, studies, and ideas (put-call ratio signals, price action, support & resistance, term structure, McMillan Oscillator, volatility & variance futures, etc). Tables detailing lists of valuable data (momentum signals, put-call ratio signals, volatility skews, straddle buys, naked put sales, etc).
  • Volatility & Variance Futures and Options Update
    Daily in-depth analysis and commentary on the current volatility and variance derivatives markets and what they're saying about the stock market.

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Each subscriber will also receive a subscription to the industry best Option Strategist Newsletter and its weekly Hotline updates.

Three Timely Reports:

The Daily Strategist Newsletter service is comprised of three different reports. They are as follows:

The Market Report

Published and delivered each trading day at the market open, The Daily Strategist Market Report keeps subscribers in tune with the current environment with a morning Market Comment drawing from a range of proprietary technical indicators and macro economic themes. NYSE and Stocks-Only Oscillator readings are reported for the previous trading day along with new Put-Call Ratio and Momentum buy and sell signals. Speculative recommendations may be presented based on these signals.

  • Put-Call Ratio Signals
    Computer-Generated, Confirmed and Past/Active buy and sell signals are presented on a daily basis. The put-call ratios are contrary indicators.  Essentially, when there is "too much" put buying, indicating that the public is bearish, the contrary trader should consider buying that market. Conversely, if there is "too much" call buying, we would look for a place to sell the stock short or buy puts.
  • Momentum Trading
    We use a trend-following system for these speculative positions. In general, the system has two criteria for a "setup": 1) the underlying instrument is trending, and 2) it must have pulled back then resumed its trend.
  • Volume-Sentiment
    A proprietary indicator based on put-call ratios and extreme volume patterns. 

The Volatility Report

The Daily Strategist Volatility Report is delivered each trading day typically an hour before the stock market closes. Including a Market Comment analyzing the later part of the trading day, The Volatility Report takes in-depth look at the volatility derivatives markets and their effects on the broad indices. Volatility trading strategies are presented and positions are recommended in the following sections:

  • Straddle Buys:
    One of primary volatility trading strategies is straddle buying. We do a number of statistical and probability analyses, and only the potential straddle purchases with the highest expected returns make this list. This table will normally contain several items.
  • Volatility Skews:
    This next section of the "Volatility Report" contains situations where there is a large volatility skew - potentially large enough to trade. A volatility skew means that the individual options on this particular stock, index, or futures contract do not have the same implied volatility. In fact, they are so disparate - and generally there is a pattern to these disparities - that a spread can be established to take advantage of them. 
  • Put Sales:
    Our unique analysis presents a daily list of put-sale candidates all containing high annualized expected returns.
  • Others:
    From time to time, we may also recommend inter-market spreads, pairs trading or other strategic applications utilizing listed options. Again, these would be specific recommendations, with details including investment, risk, buy limits, and stops

TheVolatility Report also contains a section detailing follow-up instruction and summarizing past action. A full summary of current positions is also provided for easy reference.

Interim Reports

 Daily Strategist Interim Reports are sent out to adjust open or establish new positions throughout the trading day. These timely updates provide valuable up-to-the-minute information.

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