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Learn from Lawrence McMillan, the man who wrote the book thirty-five years ago on the strategy behind options trading; a book considerd to be a rite of passage by many option traders - Some of the best even credit Lawrence for their success.

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The one-on-one personalized option coaching program designed by the author of "the bible of options trading!

Lawrence G. McMillan's Intensive Option Mentoring is a personalized option education program that will enable you to study one-on-one with a professional trader at your own pace. Each mentoring experience is customized to match your needs and abilities, while meeting the highest standards set by Lawrence G. McMillan.

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Recent Blogs

Heating Oil – Gasoline Spread
By Lawrence G. McMillanWe have been trading this seasonal spread annually every year since 1994, except for 1995. Last year, we were stopped out, but still with a gain.In its current form, we buy...
Post-Thanksgiving Seasonal System
By Lawrence G. McMillanThere are actually three different positive (bullish) seasonal systems that occur between Thanksgiving and the start of the new year. In short, they are 1) the post-...
Lawrence G. McMillan Stock Market Update
By Lawrence G. McMillanJoin Larry McMillan as he discusses the current state of the stock market on November 27, 2023.

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If you’re looking for a high-quality, individualized, no-hype way to learn about options I would highly recommend Stan and the McMillan Mentoring program.
- Lee S.

If you truly want to understand options, from the inside out, than this is the program for you...The cost of the program was insignificant relative to the value I obtained.
- Jeffrey G.

Great course. Definitely exceeded my expectations and taught me some new strategies and tactics.
- U.N.

If you are interested in options trading, forget all the get rich quick and easy 'schminkies'. Larry McMillan is a professional and very knowledgeable.
- M. Paauwe

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