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Our Partners & Affiliates

Content produced by OptionStrategist.com, Lawrence G. McMillan and McMillan Analysis Corp. is featured in several financial publications and outlets.  Below is a list of those partners:

Forbes.com features multiple McMillan Analysis Corp. publications including The Option Strategist Newsletter and Daily Volume Alerts. Articles by Lawrence G. McMillan's are also periodically featured on the website.

Lawrence G. McMillan provides the Market Summary and Analysis for the CBOE's Futures in Volatility monthly newsletter and frequently speaks at various CBOE conferences.

Lawrence G. McMillan writes the Market Watch Options Trader for MarketWatch.com on a weekly basis.  Other articles and studies written by McMillan are also featured on the site periodically.

Each week, McMillan Analysis Corp. provides our proprietary put-call ratio charts and unusual option activity data for the Barron's Striking Price column.  Lawrence G. McMillan is also a frequent contributor to the column.

Lawrence  G. McMillan is a frequent guest and contributor on various CNBC shows.

McMillan Analysis Corp. and trading platform eSignal have partnered on various endeavours throughout the years. Larry currently provides content to the eSignal Blog and periodically provides additional articles.

Genesis Financial Technologies / Trade Navigator provides McMillan Analysis Corp. with daily stock and option data and has contributed to several McMillan software products, including The Probability Calculator.