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The Option Strategist web site and associated communication vehicles get results for our advertisers. Our viewership consists of a focused group of serious option traders and trading students, seeking recommendations on a wide array of products and services.

We offer the following advertising programs:

  1. Banner Advertising: rotating banner ads throughout the site. A click-ratio of 3% or more is not unusual for our advertisers.
  2. Affiliates Page: Top placement in selected categories. Advertisers receive banner ad placement with a 250 word description in one category. Top placement on this page has earned over a 5% click-ratio.
  3. Email Newsletter: Our monthly opt-in newsletter is enjoyed by thousands of customers. It is packed with timely content and designed to be read thoroughly.
  4. The Option Strategist Newsletter: This twice monthly subscription based newsletter is a thorough read for our large base of customers. The newsletter contains recommendations and advise.

For additional information

Please email info@optionstrategist.com or call 973-328-6219.