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Neutralizing Greeks

Learn to put on the option position you really want with this one hour+ educational option video. Join Stan Freifeld, Director of Corporate Services and head option mentor at McMillan Analysis Corp., as he discusses his progress on a concept that he refers to as Neutralizing Greeks. Before entering a trade, traders will (or at least should) use the Greeks to determine where the significant risks are lurking. They will then use the Greeks for adjusting and managing the trade. Stan's concept is to first determine the Greeks position he wants to have and then work backwards to determine the position. He will provide an example and his original and more current thoughts on this work in progress.

Stan Freifeld: Options MentorRecorded February 27, 2014
Presented by Stan Freifeld
Director of Corporate Services
McMillan Analysis Corporation

Neutralizing Greeks: Putting on the position you really want! from McMillan Analysis on Vimeo.